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Shapes, colors and textures may seem elementary, but they are far from elementary in our design process. See how Poof the Lil’ Dragon came to life.

Development Phase One – Sketches

After our research indicates that it’s time to make a dinosaur, Phase One of our development process begins. Our designers create a variety of pencil sketches for review. The best one is selected to advance to Phase Two.

Development Phase Two – Color Palette

Color selection is vital to the process. Color conveys feelings, moods, and emotions. We carefully select the appropriate color palette to give Poof a friendly personality.

Development Phase Three – Fabrics

Our plush rocking toys for toddlers are quality crafted with the most luxurious fabrics from around the world. Fabrics are the physical and tactile elements necessary to convey emotion. What we like to call the huggability factor.

Development Phase Four – Activities

Poof has the same great educational and fun songs that are in all Rockabye rockers and then the appropriate tactile elements, squeaks, rattles, and crinkles are added to entertain the little rider as they rock their way through the ages. Fun and discovery will never be extinct as long as Poof is around.

We have 4 educational songs on every rocker: ABC song, 123 song, Colors of the Rainbow and I Luv 2 Rock. Click to play each songs!


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123 SONG

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Development Phase Five – Prototype

The final and most gratifying phase is when we receive our first prototype… Poof is coming to life! We now have the opportunity to evaluate all the decisions we made in the first four phases and make final improvements to create the perfect rocker.

Kid Testing

Now that Danny has come to life, it’s time to test him with our toughest critics and their parents.

Final Sample

At last! After we have gone through all the design phases, testing and have approved the final sample, our year long process is complete. Poof is now ready to rock and roll. Now the phase one begins again as we start work on our next whimsical creation.


Rockers to the Rooftops: Yes, it’s neat to see the first prototype, but perhaps more amazing is when the rockers go into production. Here in our US company owned factory, we manufacture, hand-assemble, and inspect each one for integrity of color, material, and construction… and then stack them to the rooftops.

Tell us what RockAbye you think is missing in our line.

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