Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the age and weight limit of rockAbyes?
    • All rockAbyes have an age range of 9 months through 3 years or up to 80 pounds
  2. What are the dimensions of the rockers?
    • Approximately 24” in length. 12” in width and 17” in height. The seat is about 10” off the floor.  The weight is about 15 pounds for all styles.  There is a solid maple hardwood skeleton inside every rocker that is exactly the same in every rocker with only one exception: The styles with a high tail or a chair that can fit a 3” wide back support board has this added.  The styles with a low back does not have this board added.
  3. Are the styles with seats made for babies and not for older kids?
    • No the sizes are all exactly the same because the skeleton inside is always the same size. The styles might affect this a little but they are not materially different.  Some people with very young babies like the chair to hold the baby in a little better but they will work for bigger kids too.  Some older kids might like the styles without the seat so they can throw their leg over easier but they will do fine with the seat also.
  4. How can I turn off the music?
    • The on/off switch is on the battery box
  5. Ok, but where is the battery box?
    • The battery box for the animals is usually in the Velcro closed pocket on the neck of the animal or in a few cases on the animals left hand side at the bottom if there is not room in the neck.

Item #


Battery Box and on/off switch location


Homer Baseball

On the neck under the baseball head


Lulu ladybug

On the neck/chest


Fergie Frog

On the neck/chest


Colt Horse

On the chest ubder the hankerchief


Bonita Butterfly

On the neck/chest


Airplane Rocker

Behind the head between the orange fabric and the grey grey seat fabric


Princess Carriage

Under the music buttons between the pink and purple fabric


Pirate Ship

Under the steering wheel between the brown fabric


Mocha Monkey

On his left side on the bottom


Buzzy Bee

On the neck/chest


Bella the pink Elephant

On the neck/chest


Lambkin Lamb

On the neck/chest


Fossil Dinosaur

On the neck/chest


Trax the Train

Behind the head/hat


Poof the Lil' Dragon

On the neck/chest


Owlivia Owl (pink)

Behind the head at the seam with stump


Owliver Owl (green)

Behind the head at the seam with stump


Princess Pony

On the neck/chest


Lil' Biker Motorcycle

On the left side under the motor



Behind the head


Fire Engine

Behind the head/cab


Dump Truck

Behind the head/cab


America the sailboat

Under the steerring wheel


Carousel Horse

On the neck/chest


Knight's Horse

On the neck/chest


Sweetie Bird

Behind the head


Jane the Train

Behind the head/hat


Gracie the Hippo

On the neck/chest


Stomp the Elephant

On the neck/chest


Kyle Crocodile

On the neck/chest


Roo Roo the Kangaroo

Inside the pocket in front


Puff the Lil' Dragon

On the neck/chest


Rosie Grey Elephant

On the neck/chest


Rexx the Dinosaur

On the neck/chest


Purrty Kitty

On the neck/chest


Moo Moo Cow

On the neck/chest


Honey Bear

On His Left Side on the bottom seam


Buckee Beaver

On His Left Side on the bottom seam


Bitsy Bird

Behind the head


Petals the Fawn

On Her Left Side on the bottom seam


Chocolate Moose

On the neck/chest


Owlita Owl

Behind the head at the seam with stump


Angel the Unicorn

On the neck/chest


Flutter Butterfly

On the neck/chest


Chip the Robot

On His Left Side on the bottom seam


Georgie Giraffe

On the neck/chest


Lionel Lion

On the neck/chest


Dolly Llama

On the neck/chest


Penny Pig

On the neck/chest


Carli Convertible Car

On her left side between the wheels


Chase Police Car

On his left side under the badge


Skye the Bird

On her left side under the wing


Dasher Deer

On the neck/chest


  1. I replaced the batteries and the music still does not work
    • Make sure that the + side nubs on all three batteries are touching metal to metal on the box. An easy fix is to ball up a little piece of tinfoil on any battery not reaching the metal on the box so it definitely makes contact.  Do this for all three batteries on the + side to be sure.  The nubs on some alkaline batteries are not as long as the “try me” batteries shipped with the rocker.  Compare them when you take them out to see if you might need the tinfoil solution.
  2. Why do you ship the rockers with the music on? It arrived singing away on my porch?
    • We used to ship them with the music off but then we had so many people contacting us to say their music did not work that we decided to ship them with it on. The on/off switch is located on the battery box.
  3. Why do you ship the rockers upside down?
    • To eliminate people cutting the box and cutting the fabric.
  4. How many days until I get what I ordered?
    • Our factory is in Phoenix, Arizona, so depending where you live, it will take between 1 and 5 business days transit time for you to get the UPS shipment Orders are usually shipped within 24 hours of receiving it not including weekends or holidays.  Add 1 more day if you get the rail engraved.
    • 10.) Why is shipping $15 in the 48 states and $30 to Canada?
    • We charge a flat amount to make it easier to calculate on the website. Because of our box being classified as oversize 1 by UPS and Fed-ex the freight charges are much higher than what we charge.

 11.) What should I do if my rocker comes damaged by UPS?

As it states on the shipping label, it is very important that you refuse the delivery or if the rocker was left at your door. Please call UPS and tell them to pick it up and to contact us. If you accept the shipment and do not call them but call us then UPS will not take responsibility for the damage they caused.  Any return shipments must be shipped in the box it came in or in a box the same size because a bigger box will cost more to ship it back.

12.) What is the issue if one side of the handle is shorter than the other side?

This is not a defective. It is impossible for the handle to be shorter on one side or the other because of how it is constructed. We get this call a lot.  The plush part of the rocker just had a rough trip from our factory to your house and it has shifted down.  You just need to forcefully grab the head or front part if there is no head and pull it from the shorter side to the longer side.  Pull it over beyond where you want it.  So the handle on the long side is almost gone inside.  It will then shift back after a few seconds so the handles are equal lengths.

13.) What are the words to the 4 songs played in the Rockers?

4 original songs are in every RockAbye.

  • Colors of the Rainbow song:

        Rainbows are red, Rainbows are orange, Rainbows are yellow, like the sun at noon. Rainbows are green, Rainbows are blue, Rainbows are purple and beautiful too!  The colors of the rainbow are very good to know, you see them everywhere you go.

  • The numbers song as sung by the RockAbye children's choir:

1-2-3 can’t you count and rock with me?

 4-5-6 no, not so quick, not so slow.

 7-8-9 don’t I look so fine?

I count to 10 then I end.

  • The alphabet song as sung by the RockAbye children's choir: 

       a-b-c-d-e-f-g-h-i-j-k-l-m-n-o-p-q-r-s-t-u-v-w-x-y and z

  • I love to rock as sung by the RockAbye children's choir

           1-2-3 won’t you rock with me?  It’s a good thing that I love a rock’n, I hop on. I keep rock’n to this song.  It’s a great love that I love to rock.  I love to rock. I love to rock.

14.) How can I wash my rockAbye?

The rocker is sponge washable.

15.) Will you collaborate on Social media if I am an influencer with thousands of followers that would love RockAbye?

We are currently not doing this.

16.) What is the best way to get ahold of us if you have a customer service issue?

It is best to email our customer care team at for the fastest service. We do not publish our phone number very often because of the volume we get but if you cannot email us you can call us at 602-321-3285 during business hours West coast time.  You can leave a message on this number and someone will call you back but please do not email and call both because it is two different teams that will get the emails and the voicemails.  Because of the heat in Arizona our factory closes at 1:30pm so keep this in mind.

17.) Is a full service e-commerce site?

No…If you would like around the clock, weekend and holiday customer service, you should buy from one of our e-commerce customers that offers this type of service. We are a manufacturer and offer rocker sales on our site primarily as a convenience because our retailers do not do engraving and we offer it on our site but we only support those sales M-F 5AM to 1:30PM PST.   We prefer that our customers buy from one of our retailers with around the clock customer service.

We support only orders placed on If you purchased from one of our retailers ,you must go through them for all customer service issues. We sell to our retailers at a reduced cost to deal with these customer service issues and in the case of a refund for example, you would only get the cost our retailer paid us and you should get the price you paid the retailer back.  The retailer can give you that full refund and return it to us for a refund on the portion they paid us.

18.) I live outside of the Continental US, what happens if I order from you and when I get my rocker I am unhappy with it or it was damaged in shipment and I did not put a claim into UPS immediately?

International shipments are purchased at the customers risk and will not be replaced unless it was claimed with UPS as damaged in shipment.  Due to the high International freight costs and the size of our box being classified oversize 1 at UPS and FedEx, all orders shipped outside of the continental US will not be shipped back for a replacement.  We will however provide parts for repair if needed.

19.) What if I am sending this as a gift and I do not want the recipient to know the prices?

The invoice or how much was paid is never put in the box so if you are giving it as a gift, the recipient will not know how much was paid.


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