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Firefighter Fire Engine (Premium Vehicles)

Our premium sized Firefighter Rocker is perfect for your little future firefighter.  If there is someone to save out there, your little one will be ready to help save the day! It is complete with a sturdy padded seat, North American maple wooden base, easy grip maple handles and the softest fabric from around the world.  American maple hardwood throughout... including a maple base, easy grip maple handles and the softest fabrics from around the world.  The seat seat has a strong hardwood board built into it and secured to the rocker base to offer added support for the riders back and to make it more like a chair with sturdy back support.  They will also get to play four fun songs over and over again. Located on the back of the engine's cab, your little firefighter will find 4 colored shapes that activate original songs that teach ABC’s, 123's, colors, shapes and more.  
Our handles are limited to 11.5 inches in length because of the width limit on our box so on this style there is not a lot of handle exposed on either side because of the width of the truck cab.  There is enough space for a little hand to grip on but you may find that when their hands get a little bigger you will want to tie it back with a string or rubber band to have more handle to grab onto.

The rockers average 24”L x 12”W x 17”H in their shipping box, so the actual size is slightly smaller than that to fit in our box. They are designed for children ages 9 months and up. They accommodate children up to 80 pounds.

Our rockers are made to last decades, not just years. They are sponge washable and easy to maintain. For any additional questions on care or service, contact us at customercare@rockabye.com.


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