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Amazing Features

Our luxurious, high-quality baby rockers are designed, developed, and manufactured under the highest standards of style and craftsmanship, right here in the USA*.


Made in the USA* quality!

We start with pre-sewn fabric skins*, stuffing and the highest quality American hardwoods like maple or cherry wood. We take the wood and cut it up into all the parts needed at our US factory. We assemble it, stuff it and package it here. In the past we have made our plush rocking horse rockers in China like all the other rocker companies but after experiencing so many quality problems we moved all production to our own US factory to assure that when you buy a Rockabye rocker, you will get only the highest quality product.

*Our factory does not do any major sewing, so we import the fabric skins but all else is manufactured, assembled, inspected and packaged right here in our company owned US factory.


Is a rockAbye right for your little one?

Ages 9 months with Mom or Dad’s support through 3 year olds all by themselves. We hear about so many 4 and older kids that still keep rocking but we recommend 1, 2 and 3 year olds.

Rider’s up to 80 pounds.  The quality is so strong that they will easily support much more weight than 80 pounds but that is all we have asked for in the safety test.

All rockers are about the same size: 24 inches long by 12 inches wide by 18 inches tall.  The seat is about 10 inches off the floor.



Just like the children we design them for, each of our rockers has their very own unique style and personality unlike anything else on the market. We are reminded how unique our style is by all the factories and companies that try to copy us. Our designs are so unique that we have Patents and Copyrights to protect the consumer from these copycats.



We’ve gone to considerable lengths to provide the highest quality music for your child. Each rocker features four educational songs, written composed and performed by Rockabye. There is an ABC song that teaches all the alphabet, a 1,2,3 song that teaches 1 through 10, a colors of the rainbow song that teaches all the colors and a fun song called “I Love to Rock” in all rockers except Homer the baseball rocker where the fourth song had to be the classic “Take me out to the ballgame” sung by our kid’s choir! Look for the velcro sealed pouch usually on the animals neck where the battery box and on/off switch is located. Three AA batteries are included and can be replaced here if they get played out.

Click to play all 5 songs. You can switch songs by clicking on the previous and next arrows, and you also have a volume control.



With textures, sounds, music, and activities, each of our rockers provides hours of discovery and fun. So much fun, kids won’t even realize they are improving their physical and cognitive development.


We search the world over to find the perfect fabric for each of our special creations. Some are velvety soft, others are silky smooth, but we choose unique fabrics to match the characteristics of each individual rocker , making our rockers loveable and huggable.



Each piece is hand-crafted from the finest American maple hardwood, manufactured. assembled and inspected right here in the United States. The natural variations that appear in the wood adds to the unique beauty of each rocker unlike much of the Chinese wood that does not even appear to be a quality hardwood or even look like it is real wood.  We also use baby safe water based lacquer from the US and not the oil based lacquer that has caused so many issues on wood products from China.  rockAbye’s cost a little more but I think you will feel it is well worth it when you see the quality of a rockAbye.

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